Recommendations for the use of Mixed PK-50 for piglets from 9 to 42 days

      Feeding scheme for growing piglets is scientifically grounded, universal, easy-to-use system for feeding pigs from birth to slaughter.
     The scheme provides for the initiation of top dressing with special pre-feed piglets from the 4th day of life, with a dose of 5 g per day.
     Throughout the whole suckling season, the piglets have free access to the presenter. The composition and properties of the proposed mixed feed provide normalized self-feeding of piglets, with an average increase in daily consumption within the limits controlled daily. By the end of the 5th week the piglets consume 300 grams, to the 6th 700 grams of the starter per day.
     Depending on the breed, the hybrid and the body weight of the piglets at birth, the period of weaning of the young from the queens is determined. The decisive factor is the live weight, which at the time of weaning should be 6.5-7 kg .. According to the scheme, this mass of piglets reach at the age of 4-5 weeks.
     Animals do not have a phase of getting used to a new food, the immune system suffers less from the exclusion from the diet of mother's milk, the cases of edematous disease and the occurrence of food stress are virtually eliminated. The proposed feeding scheme provides an increase in the weight of piglets over the suckling period by 290-300 g per day.

1-3 days - the temperature of the piglets is 30-34 ° C.
5-10 day - training of piglets for pre-fodder small doses 5-6 times a day, the presence of fresh water (possibly adding an acidulant). The acidifier helps to lower the pH of the stomach, which increases the enzymatic activity and improves digestion. The use of acidulants completely solves the problem of diarrhea after absenteeism, increasing the productivity of piglets.
On the 15-20th day - the temperature of the piglets' storage site is 25-28 ° C, water and feed are freely available.
28-30 day is the period of absence.
38-42 day - transition from the starter to the starter (5-6 days):
Day 1-2 - 70% x 30%,
3-4 day - 50% x 50%
5-6 day - 30% x 70%.

The temperature in the pig's site is 22-24 ° C. Free access to fresh and clean water.

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