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The plant is equipped with all the modern principles of premix production, we meet all the necessary requirements premix foreign technology level. The metal, which is made of equipment - bins, augers - stainless steel. All electronic systems, sensors, motors - import (Germany, Italy, Taiwan). The process uses a mixer of the fourth generation of Dutch company "Van Aarsen". The advantage is also the fact that the plant operates fully automatically. Hand-made - it is only the raw material delivery upstairs, where it is loaded into the hopper. After that, the room is closed, and the task of the operator - just press the button, the production process has begun. Shipment is carried out in bags, on request weight of the bag can be adjusted according to the production needs. If the client to make a decision you need to visit the company to see the production of their own eyes, the friendly hosts are always happy to meet.

"KreMiks" works with major companies. Vitamins are purchased from companies such as "DSM" (Hoffman La Roche). The company is very serious approach to the selection of raw materials - mineral components, amino acids, enzymes are purchased from leading manufacturers ("Degusa" and others.).

Ltd. "Ber of Lab Technician-Ukraina" - one of the leading manufacturers of laboratory equipment - is our partner.

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The process uses a mixer of the fourth generation of Dutch company "Van Aarsen".

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  • Проведение анализа комбикормов и компонентов:

    • Протеин
    • Клетчатка
    • Кислотное число
    • Перекисное число
    • Уреаза
    • Кальций
    • Фосфор

    Анализ осуществляется в "Центральной государственной исследовательской лаборатории сельскохозяйственного сырья и пищевой продукции".

  • В технологическом процессе используется смеситель четвертого поколения голландской фирмы "Van Aarsen". Преимуществом также является то, что завод полностью работает в автоматическом режиме. Ручная работа - это лишь доставка сырья наверх, где оно загруж

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