Recommendations for the use of Mixed PK-50 for piglets 43-60 days

    The first 2 months of life of a piglet are very important for its growth and further development, during this period it increases its weight 18-20 times. The main task of the breeder in the suckling season and the exclusion period is to make maximum use of the pig's ability to grow rapidly, since compensation for lost growth during this period may affect additional fattening costs in the older age.

The transition from the starter to the starter lasts 5-6 days, and on the 38-42 day of life in such proportions:
Day 1-2 - 70% x 30%,
3-4 days - 50% x 50%,
5-6 day - 30% x 70%.

It is important to keep in the premise of keeping animals at a temperature of at least 22 ° C, to control open access to clean water (preferably with an acidulant). The use of acidulants (formic acid, citric acid, lactic acid) is aimed at reducing the pH of the stomach, which increases enzymatic activity and improves digestion. The use of acidulants excludes the appearance of diarrhea after exclusion, increases the productivity of piglets.
Fattening should be done portionwise (at least 4-6 times a day), as well as regularly prevent gastrointestinal diseases by including probiotics in the diet.
     The use of pre-launch and starter mixed fodders makes it possible to get rid of a number of problems of the exclusionary perio:

  • insufficiency or low activity of digestive enzymes during the transition to solid feed;
  • morphological changes in the intestinal epithelium of a destructive nature, a decrease in the sorption of nutrients due to the transition from milk to solid foods;
  • low level of gastric secretion;
  • deficiency or absence of immunoglobulins and sedative factors of milk;
  • low feed intake;
  • teaching to a new diet;
  • stress due to absence from the sow;
  • diseases due to absence (anemia, respiratory diseases, intestinal disorders).

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